As our IPIFest events have continued to grow, it has been a goal to present awards at our Celebration Dinner. So, for the first time in IPI history, we presented awards to suppliers in five different categories.

These suppliers have played a vital role in contributing to the success of IPI over the past twelve months. We were pleased to officially recognize suppliers who have gone above and beyond in the following award categories:

  • Remarkable Performance
  • Innovation Award
  • Safety Achievement Award
  • Key Collaborator Award
  • Diversity Award

On Friday, October 20, 2023, each award recipient received a sculpture created by world renowned and local Greenville artist, Yuri Tsuzuki. The central theme of the sculptures according to Yuri “is progression – represented through a steel ladder sculpture. The design reflect evolution, upward mobility, and innovation problem-solving within the industrial realm.”

Congratulations to our award winners: Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc., Icon Mechanical, Kokosing, EDGE Fire Protection, Turner Construction Company.

Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. was the recipient of the Remarkable Performance Award for going above and beyond the written scope of work to provide excellent results for our client while following IPI’s goals and objectives.

In the sculpture they were given, created by Yuri Tsuzuki, the ladder’s rungs symbolize the steady climb toward exceptional performance, acknowledging a company who consistently exceeded expectations to deliver remarkable results.

icon Mechanical was the recipient of the Innovation Award for showing exceptional aptitude for innovatively approaching tools, systems and project execution.
In the sculpture they were given, created by Yuri Tsuzuki, the ladder’s dynamic design signifies the creative leaps taken to innovate within the industry. Icon Mechanicals innovative spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries is embodied in this award.

Kokosing was the recipient of the Safety Achievement Award for demonstrating a safety culture that produced exceptional results in keeping with IPI’s philosophy of Safe. Clean. Organized.™

In the sculpture they were presented, created by Yuri Tsuzuki, the ladder symbolizes that safety is paramount in industrial construction projects. The ladder’s sturdy structure represents safety measures, which as the foundation of success, while the upward progression signifies the continuous improvement of safety standards.

EDGE Fire Protection was the recipient of the Key Collaborator Award for demonstrating mutual respect, integrity and transparency during our partnership.

In the sculpture they were given, created by Yuri Tsuzuki, the ladder’s interconnected steps draw an analogy to the symbiotic nature of collaboration. The interconnectedness of the ladder’s steps mirrors the importance of collaborative nature of our projects. This award recognizes EDGE Fire Protection for actively fostering collaboration and teamwork, helping drive our projects to new heights.

Turner Construction Company was the recipient of the Diversity Award for being committed to continuous improvement in fostering a diverse and inclusive culture that aligns with IPI core values.

In the sculpture they were given, created by Yuri Tsuzuki, the ladder highlights diverse angles and dimensions which symbolize the strength that comes from embracing differences. This award celebrates Turner Construction Company who champions diversity and inclusion, acknowledging that a varied workforce leads to stronger, more innovative projects.