Meet Industrial Project Innovation’s Technology Manager & DroneDeploy champion, Tom Briggs. DroneDeploy is a platform that allows users on construction sites to have access to powerful cloud-based tools that integrate aerial data into operations. Tom utilizes the platform to aid in producing aerial maps, models, and 360° walk-throughs of project interiors. These two solutions have proven powerful when combined with other technologies that IPI has harnessed as it provides valuable data and insight to the progress of work at our construction sites.

Briggs states, “DroneDeploy’s tools have been very instrumental in helping us provide a clear picture of project progress and quality not only for the team in the field but for the client and extended project team both onsite and offsite.”

DroneDeploy’s aerial capture allows our teams to visualize the entire site with ease and it is an excellent supplement to traditional aerial photography performed from airplanes. The flights with DroneDeploy can be accomplished via a manual or automated mode. This feature helps IPI convey visual progress tracking in a manner that is current and familiar. Additionally, the captures assist tremendously with planning and implementation by having real-time information not only at the project site, but from anywhere in the world for support staff.

IPI is able to produce useful data in regard to terrain with survey grade quality using numerous supported equipment and integrations by DroneDeploy. This feature is useful in our pre-construction planning and bidding. We are able to create a model where work progress throughout the project life cycle is trackable and measurable. IPI utilizes this feature for quick analysis with built-in tools from DroneDeploy. It then exports the measurements to several different file types where the information can be disseminated for further analysis and use. Additionally, the tool can aid in the comparison of what is occurring on site compared to the intended design. This is very useful for project reporting according to Briggs, “Being able to view the historical progress of a project interior and exterior have proven to be beneficial from a time and cost perspective”.

DroneDeploy’s most recent feature is the 360 Reality Capture. Regarding this new functionality, we can now provide valuable supplements, in the form 360 pictures to as-builts for the Client when handing over a project at its completion. This function pairs well with the pre-shell drone capabilities already provided by DroneDeploy. It allows team members to walk through the interior of a site from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, when walks are performed on a regular basis there is the ability to look back weeks, months or even years to compare changes and progress at the same location throughout the track area. The 360 Reality Capture also allows our team to add more value to inspections and safety.

DroneDeploy has added significant value to IPI’s project delivery services. It has assisted our teams with quality data, hardware and software integration and adoptions to autonomy and visual data access from anywhere in the world. Briggs predicts IPI will continue to use this comprehensive tool and implement it as standard practice on current and upcoming projects.