Meet Industrial Project Innovation’s BIM and CAD Tools Manager, Nick Sarton. He utilizes Autodesk and its subset BIM software to create and manage data during the design, construction, and operations process. BIM integrates multi-disciplinary data to create detailed digital representations that are managed in an open cloud platform for real-time collaboration. Using BIM allows project management firms and clients to make well-educated decisions that lead to significant cost savings on construction projects (Autodesk, Inc., 2022).

“IPI strongly encourages innovation, which has opened the door to developing and implementing a robust toolbox of industry leading software. By utilizing these tools, our team is equipped to stay ahead of our competitors, while also providing savings on budget and schedule for our clients,” Sarton asserts.

In addition to the implementation of BIM, Sarton is also a champion of Autodesk Assemble which helps our team to collect useful data from BIM models in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

Sarton states, “One of the most notable functions Autodesk Assemble offers is its keen ability to track installation progress. Our team is able to input our own data into a model element and track if that element has been installed then compare it to the schedule.”

The software allows important information to be accessed with ease. Our team can gather information on material quantities for estimation and dimensional data. We are able to track schedule, status, design revisions, and change orders. It also visually ties our schedule into the model to ensure there are no conflicts, which is imperative when our team is faced with strict and challenging deadlines.

In addition to design management, Sarton spearheads Microsoft’s Power BI reporting tool to reduce the time it takes to prepare reports for clients and other project stakeholders. In the past several months, our team has built dozens of reports tracked by Power BI. The installation status report retrieves its information from Autodesk Assemble and draws attention to objects that are behind. This feature provides our team with specific dates and allows us to find conflicts so that issues can be rectified in a quick and efficient manner.

Sarton states, “It is a privilege to work on a team that has the opportunities and support to implement these powerful tools. Autodesk and its software products are innovative and intuitive. I believe the use of these tools drives IPI’s success and allows us to better serve our clients.” He continues, “It is fun to come to work when I am provided with a creative outlet, and I am able to operate at the cutting edge of construction software.”